Vegan Fit Meals: pictures!

Over the last couple of months, I have been able to make more bodybuilding gains at the gym while not consuming any animals/animal-related product. Transitioning from my previous diet to a vegan diet has allowed me to feel better in my skin, and has given me a newfound sense of joy.

Fitness-wise, I have put on some muscle mass, and maintained leanness as well as becoming more defined. My friends have noticed that I look more shredded than I did before and I have also manage to make several lifestyle changes that have made me happier, like becoming stronger and lifting more at the gym and committing to my nicotine quit!

Transitioning into a vegan diet, I re-discovered my passion for cooking, and below are a few creative ideas for cooking the cruelty-free way. I have made macro/budget-friendly salads using protein sources like Seitan, Tofu, Lentils Chickpeas and Hemp protein.

My breakfast over the last few months have consisted of buckwheat pancakes with plenty of fruit, and nuts as well as Oatmeal with all sorts of toppings.

Here are a few Vegan recipes that I would like to share with you, for optimal wellbeing and deliciousness:

Hearty Quinoa salad with Red Cabbage, Cashews, lettuce, avocado and tomatoes.  I also brewed my own Ginger Tea!
Tofu, Broccoli, red Cabbage and cashew Salad with plenty of vegetables topped with chia/flax seeds.
Quinoa and lentil salad with beetroots, broccoli, sweet potato, avocado, carrots and chia seeds
Buckwheat pancakes!
Chocolate Pancakes with Almond butter and walnuts (sprinkled with chia and flax seeds)
Millet stew with broccoli, carrots and cashews
Chia Seed and Flax Oatmeal with Coconut flakes, Pumpkin seeds and Pomegrenate
I tried this heavenly Seaweed salad in London last week. Purely blissful!

I’m not quite done yet, I’ve become obsessed with pancakes.

Fluffy pancakes with fruit, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds and Pumpkin spice!
More pancakes with toppings
Protein-rich Seitan with stir-fried vegetables and a side of rice.

I haven’t spent this much time in my kitchen in years!

Depending on the bio-availability in your areas, I would say that most of these ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.

Healthy meals like these will help clear your skin as well as add years to your life! For healthy and positive people, I recommend trying out one of these meals!

Let me know if you want any information on the recipes, I’d be more than glad to share.

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      Thank you, much appreciated. 🙂


      1. No problem 😁 check out my blog when you get the chance 🙂


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